• Balupton


    (11 images)

    Very nice overlay, inspiration for the thumbs

  • Colorbox


    (11 images)

    This will take anything you put in it, just images in Album though.

  • ContentFlow


    (11 images)

    That nice flowing feeling.

  • Ezslide Colorbox

    Ezslide Colorbox

    (9 images)

    A slider I made for myself, Colorbox pop up added.

  • Floatbox


    (7 images)

    This has an 'Info' box that overlays the image.

  • FrogJS


    (5 images)

    FrogJS why?. No idea, little thumbs slide left to fade into large images.

  • Galleria


    (16 images)

    This is what I call the Original Galleria, somehow there is a new one.

  • New Galleria

    New Galleria

    (16 images)

    Big images slide, thumbs scroll, interesting info box in the 'i',...

  • New Galleria Full screen

    New Galleria Full screen

    (22 images)

    Blows even the smallest image out to full screen, thumbnail carousel...

  • Gallerific


    (18 images)

    Gallerific was finally updated to work with the <base href= >...

  • Greybox deux

    Greybox deux

    (7 images)

    I Removed the table layout and made it skin-able.

  • jMyCGalleria Horizontal

    jMyCGalleria Horizontal

    (18 images)

    My combination of jMyCarousel, horizontal and Galleria, works best with...

  • jMyCGalleria Vertical

    jMyCGalleria Vertical

    (23 images)

    My combination of jMyCarousel, vertical, and Galleria, works with...

  • LightWindow


    (13 images)

    Light Box like, but it lets you chain Albums together.

  • Pirobox


    (18 images)

    Nice, comes with 5 styles, change one number in the style sheet call,...

  • Smooth Gallery

    Smooth Gallery

    (11 images)

    Very versatile, slide-show, thumbs or not, arrows or not.

  • Sweet Thumbs

    Sweet Thumbs

    (11 images)

    Sweet Thumbs, Sweet Crumbs, roll over them dots to see the show.

  • TopUp


    (11 images)

    Zoom from place, Resizing abled, Drag the title.

  • Fresh Sliding Thumbnails Gallery

    Fresh Sliding Thumbnails Gallery

    (24 images)

    With a name like this you would think it had to do with thumbs, nope, it...

  • Clip Gallery grid

    Clip Gallery grid

    (12 images)

    Grid gallery that expands the full image over the others, can also be...

  • Fancy box

    Fancy box

    (13 images)

    Another lightbox type pop up, is nice, title under the image box, very...

  • Responsive Lightbox

    Responsive Lightbox

    (9 images)


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